Minutes 14th March 2018

Minutes of an Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council held in The Betteridge Room, Sedgeberrow Village Hall on Wednesday 14th March 2018.

Present: Councillors: C Devereaux-Little (Chairman), S Morris, M Pratt, J De Paris, R Hunt & A Thomas

Also in attendance: 4 members of the public.

1 Apologies for absence: District Councillor George Mackison
2 Appointment of Clerk:
Following a successful recruitment procedure Cllr Devereaux-Little proposed the appointment of Mrs Donna Bowles, who has been a Clerk for 18 months with a Warwickshire Parish Council. Cllr Hunt seconded with unanimous approval from remaining Councillors.
3 Register of Interests: Members were reminded of the need to keep their register of interests up to date

Declaration of Interests: Members were asked to disclose any disclosable pecuniary interests in items on the Agenda and their nature. Councillors with a disclosable pecuniary interest are required to leave the room for the relevant agenda item.

a) Pecuniary Interests.

Members were asked to declare any other disclosable interests in items on the Agenda and their nature.

Other Disclosable Interests. None.

4 Acceptance of Minutes:
It was noted by Councillors that Cllr Pratt wished for her name to be removed from minute 9a regarding the precept. It was also noted that Cllr Pratt did not suggest agreeing to update and use the poster format for the village noticeboards in minute 5, at the time of the meeting. The necessary amendments were made to the minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 17th January 2018 at The Betteridge Room, Sedgeberrow Village Hall and signed by the Chairman.

5 Open Forum: The Chairman moved that the meeting be adjourned for the Public Open Forum and this was agreed.
a) A resident stated that he had modified the roundabout plan on the A46, following Highways comments from Martin Rowe, Traffic Strategist. This has now been forwarded to Cllr Morris & Martin Rowe. The resident was advised that whilst the he has the support of the village this is an issue for Cllr Eyre to deal with. He was advised to keep the pressure on, suggested visiting the surgery of MP Harriet Baldwin.
b) Same resident was also concerned about the parking situation under planning application 18/00235/FUL – it was explained this would be discussed under item 9a
c) Mike Parker from SeSaME briefly talked through his report (Appendix B)

6 The Chairman closed the adjournment at 19:45 hrs.

7 Matters Arising from Annual Parish Assembly 7.3.18
Cllr Morris read out her notes made from the assembly. (Appendix C)
Cllr Devereaux-Little has spoken with the developers regarding when the works will begin at 49b Main Street. It was suggested it is unlikely work will start this year. The developers mentioned they would like to have a conversation with the villagers to satisfy any concerns. There have been issues regarding unloading on the street at 50 Main Street. As deliveries were coming from some distance it was outside the control of the developers. It was also pointed out that once a concrete pour has been started this cannot be stopped. It is hoped that once groundworks are in, off road parking for the builders will be provided.

8 Clerk’s Progress Report:
The flooding at the junction of Pear Tree Drive/Main Street was reported to Highways in January. Clerk was asked to find out what was happening with this. It caused a severe problem during the bad weather as the footways became icy and impossible to walk on. It was suggested by Cllr Morris that the Lengthsman could grit the paths in future. Cllr Devereaux-Little to discuss this with the Lengthsman. Clerk to look at the Lengthsman’s contract to find out exactly what his duties are.

9 Planning Matters: Applications Considered:
a) 18/00235/FUL – demolition of existing bungalow replacing with 2 dormer bungalows at Lynwood, 65 Main St, Sedgeberrow, WR11 7UE. Cllr Devereaux-Little to draft a response objecting based on over-development of the area, height of the dormer bungalows being 2m higher than current bungalow, parking issues, there is a lack of affordable housing in Sedgeberrow, it would ruin the street scene, it is close to a Listed building and no design and access statement had been provided.
b) 18/00323/FUL Associated Ref:18/00324/LB – Re-ordering of the vestries to form an accessible WC, kitchenette and meeting room. Increase width of external entrance door with and inclined access pathway. Provision of storage space above first vestry. Generator accommodated externally on east side of access stair to undercroft at St Mary the Virgin Church, Main Street, Sedgeberrow, WR11 7UE. Clerk to respond to planning that the Parish Council have no reason to object and in fact encourage the application.
Planning Decisions Noted:
c) 17/01102/RM – erection of 20 dwellings – application seeking approval of reserved matters subsequent to outline planning permission reference number W/12/02727/OU at land adjoining 49 Main St, Sedgeberrow. Approved subject to conditions.

10 Playing Field:
The annual play equipment inspection at Main Street is due in April. The Clerk has received a quote from Children’s Play Advisory Service of £82 plus VAT. Cllr Devereaux-Little proposed the quote is accepted with Cllr Thomas seconding. Unanimous approval from all Councillors. Clerk to organise.

11 IT (Including Equipment & Data Protection Issues)
Cllr Devereaux-Little attended a recent CALC meeting where he was informed the transparency fund application recently made had been approved minus 3.75%. Application was for £1,550 to provide a laptop and software, scanner and printer, a broadband installation and to pay for a website. Cllr Devereaux-Little has looked at a website provider, who presented at a CALC meeting. They will set the website up and provide training and a maintenance contract. Cllr Devereaux-Little to contact the website provider, Clerk to obtain quotes for a laptop of approx £350, software and printer/scanner.

12 To consider appointing a Data Protection Officer
Awaiting information from CALC who is currently looking into one provider for all Parish Councils. NALC have provided a GDPR toolkit. Councillors delegated responsibility to Cllr Devereaux-Little & Clerk to provide all relevant information to the May meeting.

13 To consider responding to a Consultation on Traveller & Travelling Showpeople Sites
Councillors noted the consultation.

14 Progress Reports for Information
a) HGV’s – this is still an issue and needs pursuing. County Cllr Eyre suggested removing the Evesham sign at Black Barns crossroads, which is under Gloucestershire’s remit. She has had a conversation regarding this but this needs to be formally resolved. Clerk to seek update from County Cllr Eyre. County Cllr Eyre and Cllr Devereaux-Little to talk to hauliers at Toddington. Unanimous support from Councillors.
b) Traffic & Speeding – how many trucks, vans & cars go through the village? Cllr Thomas is proposing to set up a group to tally the amount of traffic on the Winchcombe Rd, some time during April. To feedback at the May meeting.
c) Gully Maintenance – these appear to have been cleared.
d) White Gates – these have been received and require installation. Cllr Devereaux-Little proposed quotes are obtained for this. Clerk to look through records to find quotes for installation. Cllr Devereaux-Little to speak with Lengthsman. Cllr Thomas suggested putting an appeal out to local residents to help.
e) Parking – The Headteacher of Sedgeberrow First School has put a note out to parents regarding parking without consideration. Clerk to provide Cllr Morris with details of parking banners outside schools. Cllr Morris to take this information to the next Governing Body meeting.
f) Footpath Surfaces – A resident has raised this issue as the footpath surfaces throughout the village are too bad for wheelchair users and pushing a buggy. Cllrs Hunt & Cllr Devereaux-Little to identify which areas are in urgent need of repair. Clerk to contact County Councillor Eyre regarding this.

15 To consider the appointment of a Co-Opted Councillor
Two applications have been received, one from a Mr Hugh Snow & one from a Miss Emma Kearsey. Unfortunately Mr Snow’s application was incomplete and therefore deemed to be invalid. Cllr Devereaux-Little proposed that Miss Emma Kearsey is co-opted to fill the vacancy of Parish Councillor, Cllr Thomas seconded, unanimous approval. Clerk to inform Wychavon and write to Mr Snow informing him of the Parish Council’s decision.

16 To consider putting together an annual planner
Clerk to put this together for circulation by email. All Parish Councillors to inform Clerk of any further input.

17 To consider future Community Projects
Cllr Morris stated The Hub is a most important village project, residents have put together a website, there have been 100 results from the survey sent out which are overwhelmingly positive. Planning permission is an obstacle. Cllr Morris proposed this as a community project for the Parish Council to administer for the next 12 mths, Cllr Devereaux-Little seconded. Unanimous approval.

Cllr Eyre has promised £1,000 towards the Hub. Cllr Devereaux-Little knows of someone who has a porta cabin which is reasonably new, surplus to requirements, although the transportation from Lancashire will need to be paid for as well as the crane installation. Cllrs agreed this is a very generous offer.

Total estimated costs for the Hub will be £5,500-£6,000.

Cllr Morris attended a Wychavon Grant presentation. There is £50,000 available for the Wychavon community for 2018-19. The money is for major projects only – minimum application £500, maximum £10,000. Cllr Morris went through the application form and stated there is a problem regarding planning permission. This needs to be in place before an application is made. The Localism Panel meet in April and it was decided that the timescale is too tight to apply this year. She will speak with Tracey and Jem at Wychavon stating an application will be made next year. Unanimous approval.

18 Matters raised by Councillors: The following matters were raised by Council Members:
a) Cllr Thomas stated he has the paint for the telephone box and Cllr Devereaux-Little has the windows. Need to seek volunteers who are willing to sand it down and paint it. Clerk to contact insurance company to find out if any additional costs will be involved.
b) Cllr Thomas provided photos of a faded sign for Main Street. Clerk to investigate the supply of a new sign.
c) Cllr Thomas also provided photos of a bin which needs replacing and the gate to a playing field which requires attention. These 2 items come under the village hall. Cllrs Devereaux-Little, Hunt & Pratt will bring it to the attention of the village hall committee.
d) The issue regarding the hedgerow removal in Winchcombe Rd was discussed. Clerk to look through emails for information.
e) New Homes Bonus – £12,000 ready for drawdown. Still waiting on the Village Hall Committee to spend the money. Wychavon have asked what has happened regarding football facilities for the children. Cllrs Devereaux-Little, Hunt & Pratt to bring to the attention of the village hall committee.
f) PCC Vestries Project – they are in the position to spend their proportion of money on furniture. Chairs have been selected and the purchase of a trolley. Tables will also be ordered. Unanimous approval for approx £2,000 to be spent. Invoice to come through the Parish Council.

19 Consideration of Correspondence Received:

20 Correspondence Noted:

21 Finance:
a) The council gave consideration and approval of the payments listed in Appendix A.
b) It was noted the precept application had been emailed.
c) It was noted the VAT claim form had been completed
d) Feedback from Transparency Fund application – fed back under minute 11
e) It was decided to purchase £50 voucher through S137 monies for outgoing Clerk. Cllr Morris to organise.
f) Parish Games – Councillors confirmed they were happy for entry form to be completed and invoice to be received.
g) Cllr Pratt pointed out that an auditor needs to be appointed. Cllr Morris has proposed a resident to audit the accounts, with Cllr Devereaux-Little seconding, unanimous approval for accounts to be audited. Cllr Morris to forward details to Clerk.
h) Due to Clerk only recently having taken Parish Clerk role on, no finance information was available.

22 Date of Next Meeting:
The Annual Council meeting and Ordinary meeting will take place on 9th May in The Betteridge Room, Sedgeberrow Village Hall at 7.15pm.
Owing to Clerk being on holiday when the scheduled July meeting is to take place Council confirmed a change of date to Wednesday 4th July 2018 at 7.15pm in The Betteridge Room, Sedgeberrow Village Hall at 7.15pm

23 Closure of Meeting: The Chairman closed the meeting at 22:10 hrs



100991 Worcestershire CALC NALC Guide to Neighbourhood Planning 4.00 4.00
100992 J Shields Final Salary 211.10 211.10
100993 D Bowles March Salary & Expenses 272.60 272.60
100994 D Bowles April Salary postdated 239.50 239.50
100995 S Morris Refreshments for Parish Assembly 18.72 18.72
745.92 745.92

Appendix B

Parish Council Meeting 14th March 2018
SeSaME Feedback
Parish Assembly
A meeting with David Hannon, Development Director Rooftop Housing, led to the helpful loan of display stands for the recently well attended annual Parish Assembly. Rooftop also provided six 90 x 60 cm posters which graphically underlined the message that SeSaME wished to convey with regard to Affordable Homes: that Affordable Homes need to be not only affordable to buy or rent, but to have affordable running costs as well.
Land adjoining 49 Main Street.
Correspondence with Wychavon Planning Compliance Office has confirmed that we are still awaiting Wychavon’s planning requirements, under condition 19, in relation to reserved matters as they apply to the land adjoining 49 Main Street. It has yet to be revealed how the Developer intends to meet the energy needs of those houses.
It is particularly important for rural communities who do not have mains gas to have a say about the energy efficiency of homes built in their village. If those new homes are given LPG boilers they will not only have to source their fuel supplies in a virtually non competitive environment but face a possibility, raised by the clean growth report of the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (DEIBS) and the Paris agreement, that Gas hobs, cookers, fires and boilers could all be phased out within 12 years. The new houses on the Winchcombe Rd already have LPG. The remaining ones will when built and there are more than 50 other LPG users in the village. They will have had little informed choice.
I hope that given these new developments, planners will be able to take this into account. The response from elected members I have spoken to has been positive. Meanwhile Councillor Bradley Thomas, Portfolio holder for Planning, transport and infrastructure has let me know that he has spoken to officers and they are going to ask the group that are looking at renewables etc, as part of the SWDP Review, to look into this further and consider if it can be included in the Issues and Options consultation in the autumn.
Rural Communities and Economy Advisory Panel
I attended the Panel on Monday 12th March. The main focus was an update from Robert Stepniewski from Worcs CC, on progress with rural broadband and
connectivity including mobile matters. A suggestion for holding a rural crime event was agreed and ideas sort about its format.
Members were updated on work plan topics for Wychavon Promises 2018/19.
There was also an opportunity for me to mention various issues: about LPG – affordable living costs in new housing – future possibilities for rural communities and renewable energy within the future evolution of a smart grid – and also that the main vehicle highway between the bypass and Sedgeberrow was cleared by moving the snow to block the main cycle highway, in preference to using the clear grass verge on the other side of the road.
Neighbourhood Planning
At my meeting with David Hannon he was interested to hear that Sedgeberrow Parish Council was intending to produce a Neighbourhood Plan. He said that Rooftop felt very much part of Sedgeberrow Village and would wish to support the process if asked. He also mentioned that they had supported Bretforton Shop, by assisting in providing their digital hub.
SeSaME has been given several copies of the Centre for Sustainable Energy’s (CSE) low- carbon neighbourhood planning guide, which I have passed on to key people who are likely to be involved. I can send it by email as a pdf, on request.
CSE were interested in what the Village has achieved so far after hearing about: our 2010 energy survey – sustainable developments at the village hall – the oil buying club – Wychavon’s and the County Council’s excellent insulation initiative – our renewable energy initiatives with solar and wind – the flood group – and our success with the Intelligently Green Award.
They have offered to talk to the Parish Council on the benefits of low carbon neighbourhood plans (and what’s been done elsewhere), if asked.
Evesham Observer
SeSaMe has recently begun writing about Sustainable Living in the Evesham Observer (26th Jan & 23rd Feb). It’s an end of month slot of approx 350 words, in a box format on the Letters Page. https://eveshamobserver.co.uk/editions/
Mike Parker. SeSaME Chair. 14 March 2018

Appendix C

The Annual Parish Open Assembly was held on Weds 7th March.

The meeting was attended by 41 parishioners, plus 2 Parish Councillors from Ashton-Under- Hill and one from Childswickham, Mr Brian Smith from the Environment Agency and the HT from Sedgeberrow School.

This year we experimented with a new format for the meeting and encouraged the village to display information from a variety of ongoing projects before the Agenda part of the meeting took place.
This resulted in stands from the Community Hub, Wychavon Parish Games, The Isbourne Catchment Group and SeSame. Many villagers arrived early and took time to engage with stand holders and Councillors.

Mrs Eyre the WCC Councillor was unable to stay for the business part of the Agenda but was able to speak to many during the pre-session and her report was read aloud by the Chairman. There was no report from Wychavon DC.

The Chairman’s report was read aloud and villagers asked questions about : –
HGV traffic, A46 access issues, Neighbourhood plans, and the likely chaos expected once the building development on 49b Main St begins.
A Police report was also provided.

The Chairman with the PC undertook to investigate:
a. When building work for 49b will begin.
b. Further speed checks through the village
c. An approach to the builders about timing of transit through the village by low loaders etc.
d. There was an unanimous show of hands for the village to investigate a Neighbourhood Plan for Sedgeberrow – although we noted the warning note from the Chairman of Ashton PC about levels of village engagement to get the plans through.

Short verbal reports were provided by the ICG, Flood Group and SeSame