Minutes 12th July 2017

Minutes of Sedgeberrow Parish Council Meeting held in the Betteridge Room at Sedgeberrow Village Hall on 12th July 2017 at 7.15pm.

Present Cllr’s Mrs S Morris, Mrs M Pratt, Mr C Devereaux-Little [Chairman], Mr J De Paris, Mr R Hunt, Cllr Mr A Stow and Mr A Thomas.

In Attendance Ms J Shields (Clerk), Cllr G Mackison (District) and Mr M Parker.

1. Apologies: To receive apologies and approve reasons for absence.
Apologies had been received and accepted from Cllr E Eyre (County). (Received after the meeting.)

2. Declaration Of Interests.
Councillors were reminded to update their registers of interest and to declare any Disclosable Pecuniary Interests (DPI) and their nature.

3. To Consider The Adoption Of The Minutes Of The Meeting Held On Wednesday 10th May 2017.
The minutes were agreed as a true record and signed.

The meeting was closed.
Mr Mike parker gave a report from SeSeME and highlighted the ‘Nailor’ Review.
The meeting was re-opened.

4. Correspondence.
Various consultations, updates and information have been received.
Telephone kiosks to be used as a library will be an agenda item for the future once the kiosk has been cleaned, re glazed and painted.
a. Churchill Road.
The irresponsible parking of people dropping their children off at the school in Churchill Road is still a problem, as previously the school will be asked to inform parents to park responsibly. County Council Highways and the Police have been informed as it is not in the remit of the Parish Council, although it understands the comments from the residents.
Police response – The matter of the parking has been raised on several occasions and we have already spoken to a number of residents and the school regarding this. Unfortunately it is a problem that cannot be easily solved and we do not have the authority to erect notices on the highway. As you say this would be down to County Council Highways Dept and I feel it would be unlikely that they would consider this.
We do patrol the area at the relevant times and have spoken to parents advising them to park appropriately. This is a constant problem with all schools not only in Wychavon but throughout the country and as I said previously there is no easy solution.
Unfortunately the school is becoming popular with residents of Evesham as there are not enough school places available there and they are not happy for their children especially the younger ones to use the bus service.
b. Sandfield Lane.
Sandfield Lane has now been included in the list of gullies to be cleared by Highways on a regular basis.
c. Worcestershire Rail Investment Strategy.
Cllrs to send their comments to the clerk to be submitted.
d. Glebe Meadow.
The responsibility for the maintenance and grass cutting of the meadow falls to the Village Hall Committee although the parish council gives a grant each year to pay for the grass cutting.

5. To Review Risk Assessment and Insurance Requirements.
The council agreed to use the live document designed by the Chairman and it will be updated on a regular basis and be placed on the parish page of the WCC website.
The Insurance cover is adequate and the documents have been placed on parish page of the WCC website.

6. Highway Matters.
a. Speeding in Winchcombe Road and the placing of a 7.5 weight limit.
Clerk to contact Cllr Eyre for an update.
b. To consider the purchase of two replacement batteries for the VAS.
The council agreed to buy to batteries to be delivered to Mr Parker.
c. Bridewell Drive Shrubs.
The history of the area was presented to the council and it was made clear that the verge is not the responsibility of the PC, the clerk to contact WCC to have the shrubs removed and grass laid instead.

7. To Receive the Following Reports.
a. Police.
I have one crime to report this month. Criminal damage to a hedgerow 17/06/17 it is possible that this isn’t actually criminal damage as its part of a development.
We have no other issues to report except the issues of School parking on Churchill road which will be addressed as best we can.
b. County Councillor.

  • Sprinklers in Schools
    The issue of sprinklers in schools and old people’s homes etc. is again, sadly for obvious reasons, high on my agenda. I have been campaigning for many many years. The added cost is said to be 1.8% to max 5% of the build costs! Safety should come before aesthetics and costs.
  • LTP4 (Local transport Plan 4) I have been briefing the cabinet member for this area. It is so important LTP4 has a mechanism to hook on to LTP4 for costs for minor engineering in rural areas that reduce speed and the impact of rat runs. 4 roads in my Division are under consideration as 20 mph areas. Leamington Road is the area in Broadway.
  • The Police and Crime Commissioner is currently consulting on taking over the Governance of our Fire Authority – I am not sure this approach will protect our local Fire Station or ensure that consultations such as the proposed changes to day and night coverage from Evesham Fire Station would be appropriately scrutinised. I am also not clear how local people’s views would be adequately taken into account. Can one person, having so much responsibility, really understand all the issues for an area as large as West Mercia? I will be discussing more with councillors. It is important your views are fully fed into this important consultation.
  • Evesham report on traffic survey– this has now come out. I will pass around key headlines to my parish as soon as I have had time to analyse and reflect
  • Local issues

a) White Gates – on going work
b) Ian Cameron’s petition – now have contact name trying to get him to come down and meet with Ian.
c) Gully map received and passed on, gullies should have been cleaned – please advise
d) Churchill Road – I now you are going to discuss looking for solutions.
e) Foo0tway work near the bus stop no answer yet re next year’s programme
c. District Councillor.
Well a new Council year has begun with a new Chairman and vice-chairman.
There has been some movement in Members activities and responsibilities. I attended a workshop to help to redefine the relationship of the Advisory panels with the Executive Board plans. I am a member of the Rural advisory panel and we ensured that our work plan aligned with the District priorities of People, Place and Prosperity. You will all have had delivered the latest Wychavon magazine and the ‘promises’ for the new year are on the middle pages of the magazine. The two major issues we have been discussing are the availability and appropriateness of rural transport and how to ensure the right mix of housing in rural areas to counter the progressive age demographic and changing needs of the community in order to keep rural communities vibrant. This has a link with housing supply.
The Worcestershire Viewpoint Survey is now open. Please look on the web at www.Worcestershire.gov.uk/viewpoint to take part on line.
There is an update from WCC of the Phase 4 Worcester City A4440 Southern link Road available on the WCC website. The plan is for a dual carriageway for the whole of the SLR which should help you avoid the nightmare of traffic in the city.
Closer to home there is an exhibition of various types of art by 30 local artists at Number 8 for 3 weeks from the 23rd June open weekdays between 10am and 4pm.
We are approaching the 10th anniversary of the one in 600 year flood event which occurred on the 20th JULY 2007. Who can forget the impact that this had on the towns and villages in Wychavon especially Sedgeberrow.
Cllr Pratt informed the Cllr that Sedgeberrow residents do not receive the Wychavon magazine.

8. Progress Reports For Information.
a. Clerk. (Circulated)
Audit completed and returned to Grant Thornton.
b. White gates.
The Chairman and Cllr Hunt will provide GPS positions for the gates to send to Highways, to enable a ground search to be carried out. The gates will be put in by the Lengthsman and members of the council.

9. Finance.
a. To Receive Accounts To Date.
Accounts had been circulated.
The following remittances had been received.
HMRC Reclaimed VAT £886.78
Wcc Lengthsman £299.50
b. To Approve Payments.
New Look May and June £180.00
Martin Woodhouse March and April £299.50
CPAG Main Street Play Area Inspection £95.70
W CALC Fees and Training £511.97
Clerks Expenses May – June £68.38

10. Planning.
a. To consider applications since last meeting.
17/01102/RM land at 49 Main Street, Sedgeberrow. The information was not on the website at the time of the meeting.
17/01195/HP 18 Churchill Road, Sedgeberrow.
The council has no reason to object.
b. To ratify decisions made between meetings.
I. 17/00831/FUL 50 Main Street, SEDGEBERROW, WR11 7UF. Comments can be seen on the planning portal, have been e mailed to all councillors.
II. 17/00851/HP Perrywood, 46 Main Street, SEDGEBERROW, WR11 7UF. The parish council has no planning reasons to object.
c. To report decisions since last meeting.
Approved by Wychavon.
17/00616/HP – 44 Main Street, Sedgeberrow, Evesham.
17/00851/HP – Perrywood, 46 Main Street, Sedgeberrow,
17/00831/FUL – 50 Main Street, Sedgeberrow.

11. To Discuss The 2009 Parish Plan.
The Chairman will circulated a spreadsheet of all the points raised for action in the plan, Cllrs are requested to note what, if any actions have been taken.

12. To Discuss The Jubilee Playground Steps Handrail and Inspection.
Cllr De Paris will provide a quote for the handrail and the county council have agreed to place a barrier, to stop children running straight across the road.

13. To Discuss Options for a Community Shop.
The chairman is investigating acquiring a ‘Workspace unit’ which could provide a community shop and social area. A feasibility study will be carried out.

14. Items For Future Agenda and Councillor Reports.
Village Hall Committee – The Chairman reported that a ‘step lift’ is being investigated to allow disabled access on to the stage.
Wychavon games – Mr R Hartwell has organised several teams for this event.
Flood group – Cllr Hunt has successfully tested the alarm.
The whole council think that the 10th Anniversary of the flood is not a cause for celebration, only the positive points such as the Isbourne Catchment Group and Sedgeberrow Flood Group should be highlighted.

15. Date Of Next Meeting.
13th September 2017
8th November 2017