Minutes 10th January 2018

Minutes of Sedgeberrow Parish Council Meeting held in the Betteridge Room at Sedgeberrow Village Hall on Wednesday 10th January 2018 at 7.15pm.

Present Cllr’s Mrs S Morris, Mrs M Pratt, Mr C Devereaux-Little [Chairman], Mr J De Paris and Mr R Hunt.

In Attendance Ms J Shields (Clerk), Emma Kearsey, Mr M Parker and Wychavon officers Kim Barton and David Manning.

Kim Barton, Community Led Housing Enabler, informed the meeting of the Rural Communities Programme and answered questions.

David Manning, Community Programmes Manager, informed the meeting of the Rural Communities Programme and answered questions.

Mr J De Paris voiced his concerns regarding using the Glebe Meadow for housing and the increase in services within the village would mean that Sedgeberrow falls into a higher category for housing.

1. Apologies: To receive apologies and approve reasons for absence.
Apologies were received from Cllr Mr A Thomas.

2. Declaration Of Interests.
Councillors were reminded to update their registers of interest and to declare any Disclosable Pecuniary Interests (DPI) and their nature.

3. To Consider The Adoption Of The Minutes Of The Meeting Held On Wednesday 8th November 2017.
The council agreed to make alterations to the minute’s which will be represented at the next meeting.

The meeting was closed.

Mr Mike Parker gave a report from SeSaME.

The meeting was re-opened.

4. Correspondence.
The council had received the clerk’s resignation this will be an item for an extraordinary meeting to be called by the chairman.
Lengthsman sheets from May – December had been received.

5. To Award the Grass Cutting Contract 2018/2019.
The council award the contract to Mr M Woodhouse at a cost of
Clause 1.1 – £840.00 per season, 14 cuts every week from the 1st April – 30th September,

  • The Play area Main Street.
  • The bank between the Highway and Play Area, Main Street.
  • The areas around the War Memorial, Main Street.
    Clause 1.2 – £840.00 per season, 14 cuts every week from the 1st April – 30th September,
  • Glebe Meadow Play Area.
  • Path and Verge to the perimeter of Glebe Meadow.

The clerk was instructed to write to Mr Woodhouse advising him of his appointment.
Cllr De Paris raised the question of the price per cut should 14 cuts be insufficient and also of Mr Woodhouse ability to remove grass cuttings.

6. To Receive the Following Reports.

a. Police.
b. County Councillor.
c. District Councillor.

7. Progress Reports For Information.

a. Clerk.
b. Traffic and Highways.
No report.
c. White Gates.
The proforma invoice will be sent off and the gates to be delivered to the chairman and installed by three councillors, under supervision of the lengthsman, as required by Highways.
d. Community Shop.
A Steering Group had been formed and a Committee was in place.
e. PR.
Responsibility list had been prepared and circulated by the clerk, councillors suggested it included contact details.

8. Finance.

a. To Receive Accounts To Date.
Accounts had been circulated.
b. To Approve Payments.
The following were approved for payment:-
J Shields Clerk expenses including advert
for Grass tender and cones £169.77
Vinyl Fencing Ltd White Gates £801.60
St Mary the Virgin Annual Grant £1,000.00
SeSaME seeds Litter pick bursary £100.00
Village Hall Litter pick bursary £100.00
c. To Agree the Precept for 2018/2019.
Correspondence had been received asking for a grant toward the maintenance of St Mary the Virgin Churchyard of £1,000.00.
d. To Discuss The Payment For The Betteridge Room For Parish Surgeries.
The council agreed the payment of a parish surgery.
e. To Discuss Applying For The Transparency Fund For Sedgeberrows Own Website And A Parish Plan.

9. Planning.

a. To consider applications since last meeting.
17/02509/AGR Longfurrow Farm Sandfield Lane Sedgeberrow. The council has no planning reason to object.
b. To ratify decisions made between meetings.
None received.
c. To discuss comments and representation at Wychavon Planning Committee on the 11th January regarding 7/01102/RM land adjoining 49 Main Street Sedgeberrow.
The Cllr agreed for Cllr Morris to speak on behalf of the council and agreed the following issues to be raised:-
Attention of water
Street Lighting
106 monies for Glebe Meadow and the school.
d. To report decisions since last meeting.
Approved by Wychavon
17/01772/HP – 79 Winchcombe Road Sedgeberrow
17/01773/HP – 79 Winchcombe Road Sedgeberrow
Refused by Wychavon
17/02031/GPOM – 12 Main Street Sedgeberrow Evesham.

10. Items For Future Agenda and Councillor Reports.
Cllr Hunt reported that the flood group is updating the information lists.
Chairman circulated a report.

11. Date Of Next Meeting.
Extraordinary Parish Council meeting Wednesday 17th January 2018 at 7.15pm.
Annual Parish Assembly Wednesday 7th March 2018 at 7.30pm
Parish Council Meeting Wednesday 14th March at 7.15pm.