Draft Minutes 20th July 2021

Sedgeberrow Parish Council


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 20th July 2021 at 7.30pm in Aston Somerville Parish Hall



Cllr E Kearsey (Chair)                                                                                        EK

Cllr R Hunt                                                                                                         RH

Cllr S Morris                                                                                                    SM

Cllr C Jackson                                                                                                  CJ

In attendance

  1. Gerber (Clerk)                     LG

County Cllr L Eyre                                                                                           LE

3 parishioners


  1. Election of Vice Chair – Cllr Morris made a nomination for Cllr Hunt to take the position. There being no further nominations, this was seconded by Cllr Jackson and unanimously agreed by the Meeting.
  2. Apologies for Absence – Apologies received and accepted from Cllr Pratt.
  3. Declarations of Interest – No Declarations received.

Public Question Time: Two parishioners attended (notes attached).

  1. Co-Option – The Meeting considered the application received from Jem Williamson. The Meeting unanimously agreed that Mr Williamson take the position of Councillor, following which, Mr Williamson signed the Declaration of Acceptance of the Office and agreed to observed to Code of Conduct.  Cllr Kearsey welcomed Cllr Williamson to the Meeting.
  2. Minutes – A proposal was made by Cllr Jackson and seconded by Cllr Hunt to accept the Minutes of the Meeting held on 30th June 2021. The Minutes were therefore duly signed.
  3. District and County Councillors’ Reports: (see attached reports).
  4. Standing Orders, Financial Regs & Risk Assessments

Financial Regs and Risk Assessments were reviewed and accepted by the Meeting.

Standing Orders – Two additions were proposed:

  • Public speaking should be reduced to 3 minutes per person.
  • The Parish Council Meeting should last for a maximum of 2 hours.

Cllr Hunt made a proposal to accept the additions (subject to the Chair’s discretion), this was seconded by Cllr Jackson.

  1. To Appoint Representatives to the following:

Community (to encompass Village Hall, School, neighbouring communities) – Cllr Morris.

Environmental (to encompass SeSaME, Lengthsman, trees, flooding – Cllr Hunt.

NHP – Cllr Williamson.

Safety & Security (to encompass roads, speed, HGV, Police liaison, Smartwater) – Cllr Jackson.


  1. Progress Reports:

Lengthsman – The Meeting discussed prioritising duties to fit within the funding allocated by Worcestershire County Council.  It was therefore agreed that the Clerk would look at the remaining funding and liaise with Cllr Hunt, following which Cllr Hunt will clarify with the Lengthsman.

Building at the School – Cllr Morris reported the following:

  • PA Associates have been appointed to carry out the proposed building works.
  • The topography and utilities surveys will be carried out during the summer break (archaeology survey to be arranged) .
  • A traffic management plan will be proposed in the Autumn.
  • Boundary issues are being investigated by PA Associates and the Local Authority Education department at Wychavon District Council.
  • Approximate timescale for the work is December 21 to December 22.

Village Hall Trust Fund – Cllrs Morris and Eyre agreed to gather relevant information and documents relating to the fund.  Following which they will report back to the Meeting

VAS – It was reported that the location sites have now been agreed with Worcestershire County Council and both signs are now in operation.  Some concern was raised regarding the effectiveness of the older sign on the Cheltenham Road entrance to the village.  The Meeting agreed that, at some point in the future, consideration may be given regarding whether this could be replaced by a more effective solar powered sign.

Defib – Cllr Jackson reported that an arrangement has been made for an electrician to look at the defib, however the machine specifications would need to be retrieved from the supplier.  Clerk to undertake this.


10   Planning:

To be discussed at Planning Committee:

21/01183/FUL Buildings at (OS 0240 3834) Lower Portway, 66 Winchcombe Rd

-Full planning application for the demolition of agricultural buildings with Class Q consent and erection of 4 dwellings.

It was reported that:  Cllr Kearsey will make representation for the Ward in her capacity as District Councillor.  One resident has requested to speak (in objection).  No other Parish Councillors will attend.


11.Finance – (Proposed payments attached)


Payments agreed at Meeting £670.33

Bank Balances – These were accepted.

A proposal to accept the above was made by Cllr Hunt and seconded by Cllr Jackson.

The Meeting discussed the need for the Clerk to have access to online banking.  This would be in a capacity to arrange and view transactions only – not to authorise.  Although it was noted there is some opposition from Cllr Pratt regarding this, it was agreed by all councillors present that this is completely necessary in order for the Clerk (in her role as Responsible Finance Officer to the Parish) to carry out required tasks.

It was also agreed that there should be a total of 4 councillors who can authorise Parish Council payments.

Cllr Morris to pursue the above with the Bank.


  1. Neighbourhood Plan:

It was reported that:

  • All Councillors have now received the draft plan.
  • The Plan is currently with Wychavon District Council for consideration/amendments, following which it will be returned to the Parish Council to be published.

Cllr Kearsey reported that following a meeting with the Steering Group and Brodie Planning, it was agreed that a letter/response form should be sent to all Stakeholders in the first instance, following which all residents will also receive a copy.  The letter will give details of where the plan can be viewed and how to respond.  Hard copies of the plan will also be available upon request.

Large posters with the relevant information, to be attached to the Village Gates.

The Meeting were unanimously in favour of this course of action

Cllr Kearsey to email draft plan to Cllr Eyre for her consideration.

Cllr Jackson to email draft letter/response form to Councillors.

Clerk to make printing arrangement once the plan has been returned from Wychavon District Council.

  1. Parish Games – It was reported that no further information has been received regarding whether the Games will take place this year.

Following the Meeting, confirmation was received that the Games will not be taking place this year.  It is hoped they will be held again next year.

  1. Correspondence – Request received from Westmercia regarding a photo of a Parish Councillor with the new Smartwater signs. It was agreed that Cllr Jackson would undertake this.
  2. Councillors Reports and Items for future Agenda:

Cotswold View – Clerk to check details of Section 106

Parish Communication

Parish Policing Charter (to come under Safety & Security)

IT issues (particularly security issues with the IONIS system).

  1. Date of Next Meeting– 15th September at 7.15pm in Aston Somerville Parish Hall.


Meeting closed at 9.10.


Public Question Time:


Report from SeSaME.

Mike Parker. Chair

Further to when Sedgeberrow Sustainable and Manageable Energy was pleased to announce  their village  group received a £34,060 grant from the Rural Community Energy Fund:

A project RCEF said “stood out as being both innovative and having substantial social and community benefit.” And our follow up sustainable energy reports to the Parish Council at the March 17th 2021and June 30th 2021 PC Meetings. Plus the already clear evidence gathered in the 2020 options survey, strongly supporting the already established importance of renewable energy to Sedgeberrow villagers and their Neighbourhood Plan (NP). I am here for item 12, hoping for a positive update on the importance given Sustainability and this project in the impending Neighbourhood Plan consultation with villagers.


Village Pub developments. 76 Main Street

Proposed Grand Opening. The new owner is Shah. He has given me his grand Opening Date as Sunday 8th August which he is hoping will include some village activities,

He plans some low key openings beforehand, so contact will able to be made.

I am liaising with Sedgeberrow and Evesham Area cyclists so there may be visitors. Shah will be the key person for people wishing to help.



District Councillor’s Report:


The SWDPR will contain stronger environmental policies.

Sedgeberrow’s draft plan contains only three policies with further policies, specifically environmental and sustainability policies when it is reviewed, after the SWDPR is adopted.


As all policies to pass inspection need to be in general conformity, the delay will allow Sedgeberrow to have stronger environmental policies that it would do if they were put forward now.



Aston Somerville and Hinton on the Green – Cllr ELIZABETH EYRE, COUNTY COUNCILLOR REPORT – July 2021


County Issues


Covid: The New Health SoS is a Worcestershire MP and Worcester has the highest Covid level in the County. There is a rise in Wychavon infection rates but this is, following the national trend, to be expected. I am no longer giving out Covid stats as they are available on many websites and the picture is constantly changing.


The Community Collect service is now available for people to collect lateral flow tests designed for use at home.


Here2Help Worcestershire continues to support individuals and is pro-actively working with those who have been asked to self-isolate. Just a reminder that the Here2Help website www.worcestershire.gov.uk/here2help is the first point of contact for your residents if people want to offer assistance or gain support, another option is the telephone contact number which is staffed 8 am-6 pm 6 days a week – 01905 768053.


100% of Schools in Worcestershire are open compared to the national rate of 99.9%, attendance is currently around 84.5% with the national average being 84.1%. Planning support is being provided to the schools for their testing of pupils.


Care Homes: indoor visits to care homes are now permitted with 5 nominated visitors, although only 2 at any one time.


Carers who support a family member or friend who require support should contact the Worcestershire Association of Carers on www.carersworcs.org.uk  or call the Helpline 0300 012 4272. The supply of free PPE has been extended to unpaid carers.


There are more than 3 months of stock for all PPE items at current issue rates.


Museums and Libraries are now open, visitors, browsing, and face-to-face sessions are also returning including storytime sessions at libraries. The mobile library service is back in operation.


Registration Services continue to be open but by appointment only, with limitations to available services.


Economy & Infrastructure

home to school transport has resumed following schools reopening.

Household Recycling Centres across the county are all operational and have been very busy.

Traffic volume is at 93% of pre-Covid levels.

Bus travel is currently at 21% of pre-Covid levels

Major infrastructure project work continues, within current Covid restrictions.


Local issues:


  1. Planning SWDP – We are pushing ahead to stage 19 – submit 2023. Slight delay in infrastructure work.


  1. Business support is still available: again https://www.wychavon.gov.uk/business/covid-19-information-for-businesses


  1. Gilders – attempt to liaise has not been successful will try again.


  1. School Bus stop to be identified – just before the zig-zag lines – see plan


  1. Weight limit classification of Winchcombe Road request to change. Response from WCC Strategy Team: Downgrading a road’s status does not reduce the amount of traffic a road carries. Instead, it reduces the amount of funding that Worcestershire County Council can secure from Government to maintain the road. Looking at the DfT’s traffic counts, this route has an AADT of less than 2,000 vehicles a day, and low freight volumes. ( Roads in Basdey can have 9,000/day). In both national and local terms, these are deemed to be low traffic volumes which would not justify a route being downgraded or bypassed, if assessed using the Government’s Transport Analysis Guidance. The reality is that traffic is a necessary evil;  local traffic and freight vehicles represent local people’s jobs and livelihoods. The local economy relies on accessibility to markets. If traffic is artificially suppressed (i.e. through a road closure or freight ban) or re-routed (i.e. with a bypass), this can have serious unintended consequences, such as loss of business, local job losses, reduced accessibility to key services, loss of bus services, re-routed traffic into other sensitive areas (such as Broadway, in this case!)


I have gone back to them advising


  • the A46 is your bypass, Sedgeberrow is no longer a division for A46, though local people use it. Highways England now signs out to say do not go through Sedgberrow but SAT NAV does not help us.
  • why we need downgrade – health and wellbeing, play and risk, tranquillity all-important for people in a rural area.


VAS sign – Barry is assisting

Community speed watch: applied for Sedgeberrow to be in this scheme. Will depend on the current speeds. I have requested a further speed survey in Winchcombe Road. A new officer leading on community speed watch will come back to me when that I have yet to meet.


Isbourne Catchment Group Phase 1 Funding ‘Hailed a Success’ Despite a challenging couple of years, with two wet winters and a pandemic, the Natural Flood Management (NFM) project delivered jointly by Worcestershire County Council (WCC) and the Environment Agency (EA) with the support of the Isbourne Catchment Group (ICG) has seen the installation of many small, low-cost interventions across the catchment, which collectively will help slow the flow of water and make a difference to flooding in downstream areas, as well as create wetland habitats.

As the end of the initial phase of funding is reached it is satisfying to be able to report that through liaison with landowners, farmers, and contractors within the Isbourne catchment, the project team now has 101 NFM features in place. I have a request from Sue re Stanway land checked with Wendy. He was not convinced of its success but we now have better evidence, the EA and WCC view the results to date as very promising and plan to continue the project, at least for the next six years, building on and adding to what has already been put in place.